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Here's a selection of my favourite Neutrals. Please note each plate and bowl is hand-glazed with hand-mixed glazes; therefore no glaze has only one hue. For possible variations please check different sizes of the same colour.
These items are uniquely crafted just for you. To understand the production timeframe, please refer to the information provided below.
White Not a regular white, leaves the room for transparencies and takes after clay colour.
Honey Warm and magnificent in its simplicity. Matte.
Beige Calming matte colour, wonderful for pairing with warm and strong tones.

Black Because why not have a black plate, here and there.


How are my plates and bowls made?

Each piece is hand-carved and shaped in its own way, making it unique in the truest sense. No two plates are ever the same. Through the whole process of creation each plate travels through my hands several times, giving it a warmth that only a handmade object can possess.


Have a different Neutral colour in mind?

Send your inquiry to


How to choose the right Material?

I usually use 3 different clays at my studio: black, grey and off-white. The backside of every item is left unglazed, branded with a logo and sanded for a smooth touch when meeting the table surface.

Black base: the one to enhance the shape of the plate provide vibrant colours

Grey base: amazing for neutral tones and bright hues.

Off-white base: if you like gentle soft colours.

How long will it take to receive my order?

1-5 pieces: 1-2 weeks

5-20 pieces: 3-4 weeks

For larger orders expect between 6 and 8 weeks of making time.


For care guide please see MATERIAL CARE GUIDE.



Neutrals Sale price€48.00