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About my Studio


Hi, I'm Hana.

I grew up in a small town in Slovenia, in a family of two artists. My mom introduced me to this incredible medium when I was 10 years old, resulting in my complete infatuation with this remarkable material—a fascination that still endures to this day. In 2016, I established my studio in Ljubljana, where I work alongside my boyfriend, Rasfan.

I have a deep passion for teaching! I began teaching ceramics design a decade ago. Initially, I taught ceramics jewellery classes, but I later shifted my focus to hand-building tableware techniques. So far I taught hundreds of classes and I what fills me with joy is seeing people, especially complete beginners, getting immersed into ceramics and clay work through my class. 

Clay, in its remarkable nature, is formed by the harmonious interaction of earth, water, air, and fire. It emerges as a mystical product of these primal elements and bears the distinctive charm of responding to human touch. Its tactile and utilitarian qualities have earned it a cherished place in human design throughout history. Once clay is fired, it undergoes an irreversible transformation, representing a timeless concept that continually ignites my sense of wonder.

Working with clay is an inherently demanding endeavor, one that I wholeheartedly embrace due to my passion for labor-intensive projects. The realm of ceramics, particularly in its final stages, presents a continuous array of challenges that never cease to ignite my imagination. What truly fascinates me is the metamorphosis that occurs in clay's journey, as it evolves from its initial form into something entirely distinct. The deeper I delve into this medium, the more profound my desire to learn and the stronger my affection for the creative process become.

In creating uniquely shaped tableware, my inspiration doesn't always revolve around the concept of tableware itself. Sometimes, the objects I craft are arrangements, reminiscent of a carefully composed painting. Their practicality serves as a valuable bonus because, as humans, we all seek beauty in our daily lives. Beauty can be uncovered in the most ordinary settings, and I believe it's the infusion of beauty into even the most commonplace items, whether it be a plate or a toothbrush, that enriches our existence.

The vibrant colours achieved on various clay bodies through my glazes owe their inspiration to a vivid familial background. My mom imparted the techniques of working with clay, while my dad, a painter and a master of color, cultivated my affinity for vibrant hues. My formative years were steeped in the art of my parents, exposing me to diverse color palettes and artistic expressions. Utilising colours in my work is a natural extension of my artistic identity, and I've never felt compelled to confine myself to monochromatic designs, despite my appreciation for such aesthetics. Colours in my pieces serve as a channel to express the intricate connection with the micro-elements within the clay. The colour and texture of the clay are inherently intricate, influenced by minuscule particles, and the interplay of fire and glazes results in unforeseen hues and gradients. In this process, it often feels like I'm only responsible for half of the colouring, with the other half being shaped by the interplay of fire and earth.

By choosing my ceramics, you're not just choosing handcrafted pieces, but also supporting a small independent brand. It's more than just a purchase; it's an investment in a unique, artisanal touch that adds a special warmth to your life.
- Hana



2014 – 'Contemporary Artisans' by Lab Laar (Valentina Vovk, Maj Pavček, Maja Korun Hočevar), Slovenia

2014 Design Milk article [USA]

2014 Masters Thesis: The perception of small sculptures in relation to the human body, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, Ljubljana  

2017 Mladina article  [SLO]

2017 Ignant article [USA]

2018 Material Magazine: Women Who Create article  [UK]

2019 Book: Material Design Process: Elemental Earth by Sandu Publishing [CN] 

2023 Pantone Home View 2023 by Pantone Color Institute [USA] 



2018 Zakulisje podcast [SLO]

2019 Extraveganza podcast [SLO]

2020 The Potters Cast  [USA]

2023 Lovim ravnotežje  [SLO]


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