Welcome to my studio, a place where the art of handcrafted tableware finds its expression through the melding of durability and quality. Since its establishment in Slovenia in the year 2016, my ceramics have been characterised by an interplay of shapes and colours. Each plate, bowl and cup has traveled through several creative stages leaving objects that are filled with unpredictable metamorphosis only human hands can offer.

With a devotion to the creation of limited editions of ceramics I celebrate the art of slow living and aim to bring a touch of warmth and beauty to homes through my tableware. 

 By choosing HANA KARIM STUDIO, you support a small independent brand and enhance your life with the unique sensory experience of handmade pieces.



Hana Karim, ceramics designer,

1988, Ljubljana, Slovenia.



2014 – 'Contemporary Artisans' by Lab Laar (Valentina Vovk, Maj Pavček, Maja Korun Hočevar), Slovenia

2014 Design Milk article [ENG]

2014 Thesis: The perception of small sculptures in relation to the human body, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, Ljubljana  

2017 Mladina article  [SLO]

2017 Ignant article [ENG]

2018 Material Magazine: Women Who Create article  [ENG]

2019 Book: Material Design Process: Elemental Earth by Sandu Publishing [ENG] 



2018 Zakulisje podcast [SLO]

2019 Extraveganza podcast [SLO]

2020 The Potters Cast  [ENG]


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