Workshop Gift Card


Z darilnim bonom si lahko prejemniki izberejo katerokoli od 3-urnih delavnic, ki jih gostim v ateljeju na Vilharjevi cesti 3 v Ljubljani. Sodelovanje na delavnicah ne zahteva nikakršnega predznanja ali izkušenj, niti posebnega orodja in materiala.

Ob nakupu bona prosim sporočite email naslov obdarovanca/ke na email naslov, da bo le-ta samodejno obveščen o prihajajočih delavnicah. 

Bon lahko prejmete na email v digitalni obliki, ga prevzamete na v ateljeju na Vilharjevi 3 po predhodni najavi ali pa ga prejmete po pošti.

Veljavnost darilnega bona je 1 leto.

Ob nakupu dveh ali več bonov prejmete 10% avtomatski popust.

V ceni bona je že vštet 22% DDV.

*januarja delavnic ni, na urnik se ponovno vrnejo v februarju.



- glino, barve, orodje in pripomočke

- strokovno mentrorstvo s prikazom tehnik oblikovanja ter barvanja posodja

-  dve žganji izdelkov s končnim glaziranjem v ateljeju Hane Karim

- tri končane uporabne izdelke, ki jih prevzamete v ateljeju ali prejmete po pošti v roku enega meseca po zaključku delavnice


Looking for a perfect gift for someone special? How about gifting them an experience to remember! With this Workshop Gift Card, they will be able to join me in Hana Karim Studio and participate in one of the upcoming 3-hour workshops of their own choosing. 

Every month, my studio hosts several different workshops, each of them designed around a special theme from making extra-relaxing pinch cups to creating large bowls for fruits and salads. All workshops are suitable for everyone and do not require any previous experience. All the necessary materials and tools are available at the workshop.

I wish to create a special experience for every participant, therefore these events are always hosted in smaller groups of no more than 10 people. They are usually hosted at my Studio at Vilharjeva cesta 3 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, sometimes we're taking them out on the town, to a nice Café or even beautiful locations outside Ljubljana.

To check the upcoming workshop dates, click here.

The voucher can be used in maximum 1 year after receipt.

10% automatic discount if you buy more than one.

All prices include tax.



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- Sustainably made
- Easy to clean
- Suitable for dishwasher
- Suitable for microwave and oven (max. 200°C)
- Certified lead-free glaze meaning it’s hard to scratch



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