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My intensive classes are currently sold out. In case you would like to receive a notification about upcoming classes please send me an email to


3 new dates added in 2024:

JULY CLASS: 22. 7. - 27. 7.  (sold out)

AUGUST CLASS: 26. 8. - 31. 8. (sold out)

SEPTEMBER CLASS: 23. 9. - 28. 9. (sold out)


Workshop location

The workshop will take place at my studio at Vilharjeva cesta 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia.



Entire class will be taught in English.


Workshop Schedule

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm with a studio lunch break in between 

Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm


What's my workshop about

During this 6-day intensive course, I will teach you my intricate hand-building techniques I use every day for creating my tableware, covering everything from clay basics, clay preparation all the way to my glazing methods. This is an intensive but also fun and relaxing workshop, great time to connect to your creativity of hand-crafting objects and also meeting new people with similar aspirations from around the world, all in a cosy setting of my studio in Ljubljana. Whether you're a seasoned clay artist or a complete beginner, this workshop is suitable for everyone who are curious about a variety of hand-building and glazing techniques. You will have the opportunity to create a range of pieces that we will fire and glaze together. To ensure personalised attention, the workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.


About your teacher

I began my ceramics journey at the age of 10 when my mum, a ceramics designer herself, introduced me to the craft, and I would try everything with her, from pinching to raku in our family garden. After pursuing a master's degree in art teaching, I wrote my master's dissertation about ceramic sculpture and transitioned to creating ceramic jewellery for a number of years before I made the first set of dishes. In 2016, I established my studio in Ljubljana, where I have since conducted hundreds of workshops with students from Slovenia and abroad. My signature technique involves shaping pieces using Styrofoam molds, a technique I perfected over the years and is suitable for any level of experience.

In my designs, I value simplicity of form while honouring the delicate beauty of stoneware. I believe clay work is natural to all of us humans and is continuously rewarding, which is why I've loved discovering it for more than two decades.


What will you learn

Day 1: Introduction, clay preparation, importance of drying.

Day 2: Flattening clay, learning hand-building techniques for forming bowls and plates with and without moulds. Exploring textures, smoothing and adding elements.

Day 3: Crafting larger objects like platters and bowls. Mixing and colouring with slips, process of loading the kiln, and bisque firing of the all the items.

Day 4: Exploring glazing techniques using glazes, underglaze, pens & crayons. Mixing of the powdered glazes, using liquid glazes, and glazing safety. Glazing techniques with pouring/using brush. We'll also load the kiln with the selected glazed objects for firing.

Day 5: Freeform experimentation to let your creativity flow. Time for your individual questions.

Day 6: Opening the kiln and celebrating our final creations together!



Materials & Tools

You'll have access to a number of my favourite stoneware clays, including black, grey, and speckled white, as well as all the necessary clay tools. Styrofoam molds will be available for your use during the workshop and also available for purchase if you'd decide to use them yourself back home. Additionally, aprons, gloves, safety masks and other tools and materials will be provided. I recommend bringing a notebook for taking notes and wearing comfortable clothing.



Accommodation is not included in the workshop fee. However, I'm more than happy to assist you in finding suitable accommodation in Ljubljana. My studio is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from the city center, just few steps away from the main bus and railway stations. Since Ljubljana is a tiny city anyway, everything is within walking distance. Due to limited availability, I recommend booking your accommodation soon after securing your spot in the workshop. Consider searching for Airbnb rentals or hotels near the city center or the Bežigrad district.



Each day, I will arrange for a delightful snack lunch for all workshop participants. You'll also have unlimited access to coffee, tea, pastries, fruit and other refreshing beverages at the studio.


Workshop Fee

The fee for my intensive workshop is 850,00€.

You can conveniently pay the fee using a credit card or PayPal through my website. If you prefer to make payments in instalments, please reach out to me via email


Refund Policy

You have the option of refund or exchange your booking for another available workshop up until 21 days prior to the start of the course. After this point, the booking becomes non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


How to apply

Your place will be booked as soon as you place an order via my website or arrange for instalment payment. For other details please send me an email to


Impressions of participants who've joined intensive workshops

"Attending Hana’s one-week workshop was a fabulous immersion into ceramics crafting and particularly into Hana’s hand-building techniques as throwing, pinching, rolling, squeezing, pulling, smoothing etc. This encounter with clay was intense (6 hours a day) and very well structured from theory to (a lot of) practice and so much fun in a beautiful spacious studio filled up with sunlight and tasteful music. Getting involved in the whole process of creation of a collection from rolling a ball of clay to opening the kiln not to mention the design of a logo or mixing the colours was thrilling. Hana is such a kind and patient pedagogue who also teaches you resilience to materials and gives you useful tips and constructive feedbacks while letting your imagination run wild. She also excels at preparing tasty treats and connecting people. It was a beautiful week suspended in time!" 


Anne-Cécile, France


The 6-day intensive workshop with Hana was magical! Not only did I learn a ton about handbuilding, but it really served as a therapeutic experience, as well. The group's energy mirrored Hana's process – natural, free, and fluid. Hana was very approachable and patient throughout the week. She taught us to embrace each step of the journey of building a piece, whether that meant parting ways with a broken bowl, or challenging oneself through glazing. I would recommend highly recommend Hana's course!


- Noelle, USA


I traveled all the way from Guatemala to attend Hana’s one-week workshop and the long trip was completely worth it!  I have been doing ceramics for many years and I recommend the workshop for beginners as well for advanced ceramists. Her technique is different, unique and her studio has a natural light that exudes a calm vibe. Hana is very experienced ceramicists and incredible teacher of her art.


- Lilyan, Guatemala


This has been the most special and rewarding experience I have ever had. Firstly, I want to express how kind, generous, and caring Hana is. Every morning, she took care of us, brewing delightful coffee and providing small treats. She patiently answered all our questions, generously shared her expertise in crafting clay items, and walked us through the entire process—from measuring and wedging the clay to modeling and shaping, using various techniques, to the specifics of drying the items and, my personal favourite, glazing. The workshop was meticulously detailed, well-structured, and perfectly organised. Each day, we crafted new things, with ample time to proceed at our own pace, and Hana was readily available right beside us. Beyond the artistry, every day she prepared the most delicious lunches, allowing us the opportunity to get to know one another. It was a precious time spent together, providing a wonderful chance to meet such a kind and delicate artist and person.


- Anna, Bulgaria