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My Colour Story

As a child of two artist I’ve always been surrounded by artistic materials, paintings and sculptures. As a little girl I thought everyone has a studio in their houses. My mom being an art teacher also provided me with an amazing source of everyday motivation to explore art and be creative. She was the one who introduced me to ceramics, my first teacher.

My dad is a painter, a colorist. As far back as I can remember I was drawn to my dad’s use of vibrant colors. With his tones of turquoise seeping through, colours of sand and sky he is paying an hommage to his Iraqi Kurdistan heritage. 

I think about clay a lot in a sense of “earth”. Working with something so primal feels like following some ancient tendencies within ourselves; it is a sort of connection to our ancestors, that still haven’t got lost in this day and age
of rapid development and technology. Earth’s been here before us, and will stay here after we’re gone. It’s remarkable how human kind has found so many ways to manage it, transform it.