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All my flatware in one place. Each piece is hand-carved and shaped, making them one-of-a-kind. Some are a bit rounder, while others are more oval — but all are uniquely crafted and highly durable.


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Choose between these sizes:

Dinner plate (28 cm): use it for a fancy dinner party, a special occasion, or just to make your everyday meals feel more special.

Lunch plate (24 cm): slightly smaller, I use them for everything from breakfasts to cheeseboards.

Dessert plate (19 cm): perfect for serving up delicious treats and bite-sized delights.

Bread plate (15 cm): the cutest of all, useful for tapas, olives or trinket dishes.


How long does it take to make them?

 The process of creating 1-5 plates takes about 2-3 weeks, if you're ordering one or two they will usually be finished in a week. But trust me, true handcrafted quality takes a little time. In ten years, when you're enjoying your favourite meal with your favourite person on these plates, I assure you, it will have been worth the wait!


Add some colour to your tableware!

Choose from monochrome, two or three shades, or go all out with a single colour from my selection of Greens, Pinks, Neutrals or Blues. Please note that the uniqueness of the glazes offers a spectrum of results in terms of shades and surface details so each plate might have a slightly different shade of same colour. Not sure about which combinations to choose? Don't worry, that's my favourite part! I'm here to help and can offer some ideas on colour combos.

Have a specific colour palette in mind? 
Send me an email, I'm happy to help you with your selection.


How is it made?

Each plate is hand-carved and shaped in its own way, the uniqueness of colour glazes offer a spectrum of results in terms of shades and surface details too. What does this mean? It means each piece is completely unique in the truest sense. It means no two plates will ever be the same. Through the whole process of creation each plate travels through my hands several times, giving it a warmth that only a handmade piece can possess. A warmth that you can feel. A warmth that elevates each and every eating experience.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, I want you to be happy with what I have created for you. If you are not happy, for any reason, I will grant you a full refund. All you have to do is contact me within 30 Days of receiving your products.


Is there a discount?


Yes, you can get 10% OFF your first order if you sign up to my email newsletter. Click HERE to sign up if you haven’t already and you will receive the discount code.


What else is important for you to know? 


- Sustainably made
- Easy to clean
- Suitable for dishwasher
- Suitable for microwave and oven (max. 200°C)
- Glazed with certified lead-free glazes

For more information, please see FAQ below.

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Plates Sale price€36.00