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Amazingly calming shade of deep Green that offers surprising details in teal, blue and turquoise colour gradients and becomes alive in the sunlight. 

Pairs well with: with shades of Turquoise, Light Green and Dark Blues. 


Approximate measures:

Breakfast Bowl: 18 x 6 cm

Pasta Bowl: 24 x 6 cm

Salad Bowl 30 x 8 cm

Dessert Plate: 20 cm

Medium Plate: 24 cm

Dinner Plate: 28 cm

Serving Platter: 38 cm x 25 cm


How long does it take for your item to be finished?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders of up to 5 items. If you are ordering 5 or more items, we will notify you via email with the approximate completion time.



Grey/Black glazed stoneware*

*in case you prefere a specific clay body material, please let us know via email.


How is it made?

Each plate is hand-carved and shaped in its own way, the uniqueness of colour glazes offer a spectrum of results in terms of shades and surface details too. What does this mean? It means each piece is completely unique in the truest sense. It means no two plates will ever be the same. Through the whole process of creation each plate travels through my hands several times, giving it a warmth that only a handmade piece can possess. A warmth that you can feel. A warmth that elevates each and every eating experience.

Check out VIDEO of my process


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, I want you to be happy with what I have created for you. If you are not happy, for any reason, I will grant you a full refund. All you have to do is contact me within 30 days of receiving your products.


What else is important for you to know? 

- Sustainably made
- Easy to clean
- Suitable for dishwasher
- Suitable for microwave and oven (max. 200°C)
- Certified lead-free glaze. For more information, please see FAQ below.

JADE Sale price€38.00