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About the series:

My creative journey sets out to uncover the enigmatic interplay of glazes, layered on the canvas of simple flat ceramic surfaces. On them, I place Colours, crafting multi-layered and complex shades. It’s a journey of endless possibilities in search of a perfect impression that few colours can leave on the viewer, but also reminiscing fantasy landscapes of dunes playing perfectly with clay’s sandy surface. My ceramics also serves as a creative hommage to the connection with my own cultural heritage of the Middle East. Inspiration is often drawn from my father's Kurdish background, within the motifs of Mesopotamian plaques and tiles I’ve always found fascinating. And within colours that range from desert tinctures to enigmatic turquoise hues. Works are infused with a sense of history and tradition, through which I reinterpret ancient remains in a contemporary context.


*please let me know if you wish to place it on the wall; the mounting wire will be included.


Approximate measurements:

app. 30 cm in length



Grey glazed stoneware


All prices include tax.

LANDSCAPE VI Sale price€83.60