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From my new creative explorations comes this ceramic object - a vase, with both sides glazed in my signature tones and gradients.


About the series:

My latest creative journey sets out to uncover the enigmatic interplay of glazed layers on the canvas of simple ceramic surfaces. On them, I place glazes, crafting multi-layered and complex shades. My ceramics also serve as a creative hommage to the connection with my own cultural heritage of the Middle East. Inspiration is often drawn from my father's Kurdish background, within the motifs of Mesopotamian plaques and tiles, and within colours that range from desert tinctures to enigmatic turquoise hues. Works are infused with a sense of history and tradition, through which I reinterpret ancient remains in a contemporary context. 


Approximate measurements:

app. 12 cm x 14 cm x 3 cm 



Yellow glazed stoneware


How is it made?

Each piece is hand-carved and shaped in its own way, the uniqueness of colour glazes offer a spectrum of results in terms of shades and surface details too. What does this mean? It means each piece is completely unique in the truest sense. It means no two plates will ever be the same. Through the whole process of creation each plate travels through my hands several times, giving it a warmth that only a handmade piece can possess.


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