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Breakfast Bowl in Deep Blue SplashBreakfast Bowl in Deep Blue Splash
Mini Plate in PetalMini Plate in Petal
Mini Plate in Petal Sale price€20.00
Medium Plate in Zen GardenMedium Plate in Zen Garden
Medium Plate in Zen Garden Sale price€35.00
Breakfast Bowl in JadeBreakfast Bowl in Jade
Breakfast Bowl in Jade Sale price€38.00
Dinner Plate in SandstoneDinner Plate in Sandstone
Dinner Plate in Sandstone Sale price€48.00
Dinner Plate in Cosmic BlueDinner Plate in Cosmic Blue
Dinner Plate in Cosmic Blue Sale price€48.00
Plate + Bowl Set for TwoPlate + Bowl Set for Two
Plate + Bowl Set for Two Sale priceFrom €162.00

6 colors available

Pasta Bowl in Dusty Jade SplashPasta Bowl in Dusty Jade Splash
Sold outBreakfast Bowl in FrostBreakfast Bowl in Frost
Breakfast Bowl in Frost Sale price€38.00
3-Piece Dinner Set3-Piece Dinner Set
3-Piece Dinner Set Sale price€115.00

6 colors available

Breakfast Bowl in IrisBreakfast Bowl in Iris
Breakfast Bowl in Iris Sale price€40.00
Dessert Plate in Lapis LagoonDessert Plate in Lapis Lagoon
Dessert Plate in LatteDessert Plate in Latte
Dessert Plate in Latte Sale price€28.00
Dessert Plate in LagoonDessert Plate in Lagoon
Dessert Plate in Lagoon Sale price€32.00
Set of Four BowlsSet of Four Bowls
Set of Four Bowls Sale priceFrom €138.80

8 colors available

Breakfast Bowl in Cosmic BlueBreakfast Bowl in Cosmic Blue
"Touch" Sale price€65.00
Sold outBreakfast Bowl in AvoBreakfast Bowl in Avo
Breakfast Bowl in Avo Sale price€38.00
Dessert Plate in PetalDessert Plate in Petal
Dessert Plate in Petal Sale price€36.00
Set of Four PlatesSet of Four Plates
Set of Four Plates Sale priceFrom €129.60

6 colors available

Mini Dish in FrostMini Dish in Frost
Mini Dish in Frost Sale price€18.00
Dinner Plate in StormDinner Plate in Storm
Dinner Plate in Storm Sale price€48.00
Breakfast Bowl in Silky Beige-Cobalt SplashBreakfast Bowl in Silky Beige-Cobalt Splash
"The Caravanne""The Caravanne"
"The Caravanne" Sale price€120.00
Dinner Plate in LagoonDinner Plate in Lagoon
Dinner Plate in Lagoon Sale price€48.00
Breakfast Bowl in StormBreakfast Bowl in Storm
Breakfast Bowl in Storm Sale price€34.00
"Small Landscape I"
"Small Landscape I" Sale price€20.00
Dinner Plate in Babylonian GreenDinner Plate in Babylonian Green
Medium Plate in Speckled WhiteMedium Plate in Speckled White
"The Path""The Path"
"The Path" Sale price€160.00
Medium Plate in Jade-IndigoMedium Plate in Jade-Indigo
Medium Plate in Jade-Indigo Sale price€32.00
Salad Bowl in Silky BeigeSalad Bowl in Silky Beige
Salad Bowl in Silky Beige Sale price€70.00
Dessert Plate in Speckled WhiteDessert Plate in Speckled White
Medium Plate in Silky BeigeMedium Plate in Silky Beige
Medium Plate in Silky Beige Sale price€40.00
Pasta Bowl in Denim BluePasta Bowl in Denim Blue
Pasta Bowl in Denim Blue Sale price€40.00
"Chained" Sale price€65.00
Dessert Plate in Indigo-JadeDessert Plate in Indigo-Jade
Dessert Plate in Indigo-Jade Sale price€28.00
Salad Bowl in Speckled GreySalad Bowl in Speckled Grey
Salad Bowl in Speckled Grey Sale price€75.00
Salad Bowl in Chocolate SiennaSalad Bowl in Chocolate Sienna
Pasta Bowl in Pale AvoPasta Bowl in Pale Avo
Pasta Bowl in Pale Avo Sale price€44.00
Dessert Plate in Teal AbyssDessert Plate in Teal Abyss
Dessert Plate in Teal Abyss Sale price€34.00
Medium Plate in Off WhiteMedium Plate in Off White
Medium Plate in Off White Sale price€40.00
Mini Dish in Deep BlackMini Dish in Deep Black
Mini Dish in Deep Black Sale price€14.00
Dessert Plate in Orbit BlueDessert Plate in Orbit Blue
Dessert Plate in Orbit Blue Sale price€28.00
Dessert Plate in Silky BeigeDessert Plate in Silky Beige
Dessert Plate in Silky Beige Sale price€32.00
Dinner Plate in LatteDinner Plate in Latte
Dinner Plate in Latte Sale price€52.00
Medium Plate in Speckled GreyMedium Plate in Speckled Grey
"My Calming Place III""My Calming Place III"
"My Calming Place III" Sale price€45.00
Medium Serving Platter in Warm TaupeMedium Serving Platter in Warm Taupe
Sold outDinner Plate in RubyDinner Plate in Ruby
Dinner Plate in Ruby Sale price€54.00