Uglašena kuhinja

So I've been making pottery for a while now and it's been a journey of discovery every single time I sat behind the potter's wheel or opened up the kiln after a firing. Making pots and vases, plates and bowls is one fantastic experience after another and I'm getting more and more excited by it every day. With my jewellery I've been often asked a question "Who do you want to see wearing your jewellery?" and my answer has always been the same: Whoever likes it and respects the idea behind it! And then my mind usually wandered off to few occasions when I had opportunity to actually see random people wearing my stuff and it was just common courtesy that I hadn't flown over to them yelling "I made that, I made that!" And now, after a Sample sale in December and more and more of pottery leaving my nest, I'm getting this same feeling. Whenever I see images of my stuff actually used for food on Instagram or elsewhere, my heart literally sings! [caption id="attachment_1126" align="aligncenter" width="512"]940946_10207774536776774_7830764251570444757_n Photo by Z. Javeršek, Uglašena kuhinja[/caption] I want to tell you about a blog Uglašena kuhinja by my friend Zulejka Javeršek. Her images are definitly one of those that make me gasp for air out of how fabulous her food and basic aesthetics are. And you simply must check out her recently published cookbook Vse leto (it's "mostly vegan" recipes; "mostly" due to the fact that she used one egg in the whole book). I'm posting some of her images using my plates. IMG_7712Photo by Z. Javeršek, Uglašena kuhinja IMG_7721Photo by Z. Javeršek, Uglašena kuhinja IMG_7792 Photo by Z. Javeršek, Uglašena kuhinja

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