Making of - the favourites

319575_515356171822233_649606794_n Some times back I've figured that I am playing favourites with my jewellery. I rarely wear it, because ironically, all my favourite pieces are gone and are now with their rightful owners, who, I hope, wear them with as much passion as I would.So I decided to make a recreation of some of mine most praised pieces, mostly brooches, mostly organic shapes and graphic colours whic I love so much. I had so much fun making this favourites collection, there was no preassure, no stress about not liking the pieces or not knowing how the pieces are going to turn out. The collection is going to be sold at usual places - Babushka Boutique and Ika in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and starting this december you can buy my jewellery on this lovely, recently launched webstore Catchy Cherry for the costumers all around the world.

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